Thursday, 1 May 2008

May 1st! First post!

Hello HPR fans, its the 1st of May, and i swear this year is flying by! but i think thats a good thing, as summer is just around the corner. i was going to say 'which only means one thing....' and im wrong it doesnt mean touring ahha! but thats what were going to be doing most of the time! and we have some sexy dates coming your way soon!

From June 18th and not one day later, we're all going to take over a year out to concentrate on HPR! which im really really excited about! shed loads of tours, writing new songs, visiting new countries! recording our 2nd Album and basically having the best time! we already have a good bunch of ideas for the new album, with around 6 songs in the mixer! and trust me 100% when i say it sounds N O T H I N G like our first album! the only similarity is the ridiculous song titles! which we will never change.

I cant think of much else to say at this moment in time! but feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with us with what you would like to know! happy to tell you secrets and info on us!

iv checked this through, and from what i can see theres no bad grammer, but i had a average education! and i dont read much, so sorry for the poor grammer if theres any!

and before i click 'post' check out these bands if you dont know them already! some real corkers!

take care people!


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